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Nesting tables are basically the opposite of stacked tables. The latter often looking rather ugly and temporary. There are many benefits that come with nesting tables and they fulfill a multitude of different functions. This glass Nora Nesting Table set is a contemporary version which will look ideal in a variety of interior settings. With steel chromed legs, the 3 tables will bring a minimalist and modern touch to a living room.

Nesting tables stack onto and within one another which means each table rests upon its own weight and four legs. The smaller table sits underneath whilst the largest table sits on top. This means that when the two smaller tables are not needed, they can be neatly slotted underneath the largest table whilst that one is still in use. Not only does this save space but it also creates a fast and easy way to bring out a second and third table if so required, literally at the drop of a hat.

Uses for nesting tables like this glass and steel Nora set vary. When guests come to visit, nesting tables can act as temporary dining tables for a relaxed and informal dining room setting. A girl’s night in watching movies and munching on snacks is a typical scenario. Board games such as chess or monopoly can also be played upon nesting tables, with the two smaller tables acting as drinks counters or even seats.

Attractive glass nesting tables like the ones in the picture can also act as plant tables and decorative ornament stands. The tables can be placed in a row of three with a different shaped or sized vase or sculpture located on each one. Alternatively, they can be placed in the nesting position and act as a decorative feature in their own right. The top table can still be used for just about any function whilst still providing an attractive “stacked” look to a corner or section of the room.

You can buy this set here: Glass Nora Nesting Table Set With Chromed Steel Legs.

Price: $447