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Wine bottle stoppers are an important accessory for people who love to drink wine alone or with friends and family. They keep the wine fresh once the cork has been removed. Whilst their primary function is to act as a stopper to prevent the wine losing its flavor, it can also be nice to have an aesthetically pleasing design such as the yellow and black glass marble wine bottle stopper as seen below.

glass-marble-wine-bottle-stopperThe glass marble stopper is made by Michigan artist Jody Fine. I’ve mentioned similar items before on this blog, specifically another wine bottle stopper design in the form of stone pebble stoppers. The marble version is a more colorful option that will bring an elegant and visually exciting element to the table. Each one is individually made in the artist’s studio based in Mason, Michigan.

Jody Fine’s name is well known for quality and excellent craftsmanship. His glass works have been included in famous collections such as the Smithsonian and Bill Clinton’s White House collection. These glass marble wine stoppers have an Art Deco look to them which will appeal to many people.

You can buy these glass wine stoppers from here: Glass Marble Wine Bottle Stopper in Black and Yellow.

Price: $33