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There are few things in life more enjoyable than a nice drink and bite to eat with a group of friends or family. Entertaining at home is preferable for many people but it can get a little hectic and chaotic if you don’t have the right serviceware or tools. That’s why when providing cold drinks, a good glass beverage dispenser with spigot can come in very handy. They not only functional well but also look good in just about any location, inside or outside.

A spigot, in case you are unfamiliar with the term, is a type of faucet or tap, which traditionally comes as part of a wooden or metal cask. In the case of these glass beverage dispensers, the spigot acts as an easy-to-use open and close mechanism for the pouring of drinks. The design of the dispensers means the vessel as a whole does not need to be lifted off the table in order to be poured and can instead be left in place.

The beverage dispenser made from glass is refilled by simply removing a glass lid from the top of the vessel. This allows guests to take their drink as and when they do desire, whether this be wine, fruit juice, sangria or chilled water, and then to carry on with their conversation and enjoyment of the gathering.

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