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Children love their room filled with colorful furniture and decor. You probably remember your own bedrooms or playrooms as a child and the delight you took in visually stunning toys, rugs and interior designs. Bright colors and fun patterns also go well with certain decor styles that kids lap up, such as animal and jungle themes, both of which I’ve written about before. If you have designed your son or daughter’s playroom in one of these styles, you might well like this Giraffe Chair.

giraffe-chair-for-kidsHand carved and hand painted, this wooden giraffe chair is perfect for a child’s themed playroom or bedroom. With its friendly and playful look, the chair will add a light-hearted and jolly atmosphere to a little one’s play area. All parts of the chair have been carefully painted and detailed markings highlight the beauty of this very unique looking animal.

It’s a sturdy chair and built to last which means it could well be passed on from generation to generation as a heirloom if looked after properly. As well as being highly decorative and a perfectly functioning item of children’s furniture, the giraffe chair can also act as a catalyst for learning. You can help your son or daughter discover the fascinating world of the giraffe and all the related creatures in its habitat.

If you need a few ideas for the surrounding decor scheme for such a chair, consider mimicking the environment in which the giraffe is found. Savannah themed interior decor is not difficult to achieve through painting the walls, purchasing a few pictures and indeed, even a floor plant or two.

You can buy this kid’s chair here: Giraffe Chair for a Child’s Themed Playroom

By the way, this chair is actually a limited edition and has been signed by the designer.

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