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Wall growth charts are an important and necessary accessory for parents with growing young children. Each and every one of us will have memories of our parents marking a spot on a wall, door or chart during our childhood and being excited as our height increased. For kids too, the sense of achievement and fun associated with being measured and getting taller is something that stays with us. This giraffe and monkey growth chart in the form of a tapestry wall hanging for boys is ideal.

Hung on a hook within a bedroom, kitchen or hallway, the tapestry growth chart will add a colourful and enchanting decorative feature to an interior. The two shades of blue are contrasted with the rich yellows of the tall giraffe and the green of the foliage included on which the monkey swings. Children love animal representations in design and the friendly faces of the giraffe and monkey, plus the expressive curls of the snake, make the overall picture one that will focus their attention and enjoyment.

The tapestry is made from finely selected yarns which have been masterfully woven on jaquard looms. When matched with other existing child’s décor, the tapestry wall hanging will compliment a variety of styles and color schemes. When marking your child’s new heights, you can affix something small to the tapestry itself such as a little ribbon, bow, stickers or ever a flower which will bring extra decoration to the chart, instead of the regular pen or pencil marks.

You can buy this item from here: Giraffe and Monkey Growth Chart Boy Tapestry Wall Hanging.

Price: $59.99