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Rugs and carpets come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. We all know the most common fibers and yarns used such as wool, nylon, cotton and polypropylene. These come in various types from woven and needlefelt through to tufted, knotted, hooked and flatweave. However, one material and style you’ve probably not heard of before is a rug made of wood.

Elisa Stroyzk, a German design student at London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design has created a rug comprised of wood-veneer offcuts. These are bounded to a textile backing which allows for a geometric structural fluidity. The wooden quilt could be mistaken for a static wooden sculpture and that is part of its amazing attraction. It can be shaped into anything one so desires and can even be used as a sleeping blanket.

geometric-rug-made-from-pieces-of-woodwooden-textile-carpet-that-looks-like-frabricStroyzk refers to her innovative creation as the “wooden textile”. She gained the concept when playing with veneer wood leftovers from a closing-down wood workshop nearby. All the pieces are individually cut, either by hand or by lasers, and then stuck onto the textile base.

The geometric rugs were inspired by the presumptions that people make about everyday objects and furnishings. Like many designers of her generation and previous, her aim was to confuse meanings and switch material properties, from what we consider to be the norm. The forms and functions of household items become merged and evolve into hybrids.

artistic-nude-sleeping-in-wooden-fabric-quiltIt’s not everyone’s cup of tea but you can see the creative talent behind the concept and design of the wooden quilt or wood rug.

See her website: Elisa Stroyzk

H/T: Inhabitat

Photographs: Sebastian Neeb