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If you like indoor plants then you will be interested in this stylish polygon flower planter. To be more accurate it’s actually a dodecahedron, which is the name for a 12-sided polygon. Rather like crystals, which this design takes its inspiration from, the architectural shape offers a fascinating structural vision when contrasted with the soft beauty of nature.

It is both a flower vase and a statement of philosophical provocation. Plants grow from a crystal, like life from a stone. The unusual combination of a precise mathematical form with the randomness of natural textures and shapes, found in plants and flowers, is alluring. Permanent symmetry flirts with transitory irregularity whilst geometry toys with expressive disorder. The planter thus becomes more of a focus even than the flowers it holds.

geometric-flower-planter-in-a-polygon-vase-shapeThis stainless steel polygon planter is going to add character to an interior where plants are needed. Its form will merge with the interior architecture of the room whilst at the same time adding an artistic sculptural form to the decor. The planter’s function as a flower and plant holder will remain its strongest element.

It costs $98 and will make a perfect modern accent to your home interiors.

Peek inside and take a closer look here: Polygon Planter