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You’ve probably heard of cow dung throwing contests by now but have you ever come across furniture made from cow shit before? This biodegradable and extremely eco-friendly solution to furniture making might not be to everyone’s liking especially if you’re mad about cleanliness. The Swedish designer with the aptly eye-catching name of Karin Auran Frankenstein is the mind behind the collection which was first aired back in 2008.

The philosophy behind the cow shit furniture collection was to make furniture and related home accessories that were cheap and whose materials were easy to come across. Dung is not the only material the Swedish artist used for she also created items made with other biodegradable materials such as chalk, flour, sand, straw, peat and clay, amongst other things. However, as one might expect, the cow dung furniture is what most caught people’s attention about the fascinating creations.

Karin Auran Frankenstein has designed a wide range of furniture pieces including chairs, tables, shelving and smaller items such as lighting fixtures and clocks. When looking through the pictures of her work you might well be reminded of art and design works by the likes of Salvador Dali and Antonio Gaudi.

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H/T: Meghan Young.