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If you’re a huge jazz fan like myself, then this funky jazz metal wall art sculpture will make a great addition to your home. It can be difficult deciding how best to display our love of jazz and we usually often dabble between purchasing posters or paintings. However, metal wall art is a great alternative and one that will indeed last a lot longer than other mediums.

jazz-metal-wall-art-sculptureOne of my favorite types of Jazz is improvised jazz and is the style that comes to mind when looking at this metal wall art sculpture. It’s expressive, dynamic, energizing and emotionally stimulating whilst at the same time entrenched in a certain order that keeps it from spiralling out of control. A common misconception about improvised jazz is that it is plucked from the air, when it fact it is set to regular rhythm and harmony but with a flexible structure.

In many ways, this description matches the sculpture itself. It’s made from rigid 1/8″ mild steel which has been cut by an expert craftsman in South Carolina. We normally expect cut metal to be straight and uniform but this wall sculpture is the opposite and seemingly alive. However, it still holds to the rules of metalwork and is cut from natural, unrefined, unpainted and unburnished steel. This gives it a delightfully individual quality much like the subject it portrays.

You can buy this steel sculpture from the following location: Jam Session Steel Wall Sculpture

This jazz metal wall sculpture will make a great accent for a variety of home interiors. If you have a father or son who are into Jazz music, then this will make an excellent gift. Hung up on a bedroom or living room wall, the jazz band will lend an expressive and artistic display that will enliven the ambiance of a room.

I love listening to Jazz and one of my favorite Jazz musicians is Maceo Parker. Here he is playing “Shake Everything You’ve Got” with his band.