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Do you remember as a child being told not to play with your food at the dining table? For adults worldwide, these memories will come flooding back upon seeing this entertaining collection of dinner plates designed specifically for children to play with their food on. The plates feature a variety of simple sketches showing different scenes such as train carriages, a container ship, a forklift truck, and a helicopter, to name but just four.

Each plate design provides a backdrop on which peas, carrots, corn, pasta, beans, and other food items can be manoeuvred into different positions and groupings. The creative mind behind the plates is Polish designer Boguslaw Sliwinski from Kajetany, Poland. He states: “Every parent knows what a nightmare it is getting children to eat their food. … Most mums tell their children not to play with their dinner but I think kids are more likely to eat it if they are allowed to play with it too.”

The white ceramic plates allow a child to engage with their imagination whilst at the same time helping parents to focus their child’s attention on food and the enjoyment potentials of meal time. As the little one pushes his or her peas around the plate, loading and then unloading train carriages or truck trailers, they will, the makers hope, associate vegetables and other troublesome foods that kids frequently shy away from with fun and play. Whether this makes children more likely to eat their greens remains a question yet to be answered.

You can order them online direct from the designer: Boguslaw Sliwinski Design.