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Tired of your cocktails and fruity smoothies being too watery or filled with different sized chunks of ice? If so, you will like one of these frozen concoction makers that I’ve found grouped together all on one handy page. Each one is top of the range and ideal for dinner and cocktail parties both indoors and outdoors. The basic difference between these and regular blenders is the special section at the top as well as the automatic systems.

The top section of these frozen concoction maker machines is composed of an ice cutter which shaves the ice as the ingredients below are being blended. The ice is fed into the lower section and preprogrammed settings allow you to relax and let the appliance do all the calculations with one simple press of a button. ou’ll have the perfect drinks with just the right amount of ice in no time at all.

You can read more about them here: Frozen Concoction Makers.

The Top 10 chart is a pretty good way of choosing which maker is right for you.