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These iron reading frog bookends are the ideal bookshelf accessory for anyone with a fondness for frogs. The green amphibian is not everyone’s choice of animal when it comes to attractive home décor but for numerous people across the country, the frog is both aesthetically beautiful, fascinating and even culturally meaningful.

If you love books then you’ll be able to share these bookworm tendencies with these two reading frog bookends expertly crafted from iron. With a weathered look, the pair of amphibian themed bookends will provide a highly functional, sturdy and decorative element to a wall book shelf or a furniture bookcase. They can even adorn a study or library desk to add extra flair to a work area.

Frogs are popular figures in many fairy tales from around the world. The seemingly rather revolting amphibian was believed to be able to change into human form, if for example, a prince or princess kissed it. In other takes, witches turned people into frogs as punishments. The Frog Prince is probably the most well-known of tales like these. No doubt these frogs will be reading stories of a similar nature whilst they prop up your favourite book collection.

You can buy these bookends from here: Reading Frog Bookend Book Lovers Accessory.

Price: $42