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A dehumidifier is the perfect appliance to reduce the amount of moisture in your home interior. Too much humidity inside a building can cause untold damage to furniture, books, walls and more importantly, a person’s health. For people living in areas that suffer from a lot of rain, a dehumidifier is likely going to be a must-have appliance for basements and bedrooms if there are already noticeable amounts of mold and mildew damage present.

What the dehumidifier does is take the moisture from the air by condensing it onto a cooler surface. A fan draws the interior air over a cold coil within the appliance, which in-turn condenses the moisture. Then dry air passes through a hot coil which re-heats the air. Regular air conditioners work in a similar fashion and if your home is already fitted with AC fixtures, then a dehumidifier will not be needed. However, for basements, they are ideal.

One of the best and most widely reviewed of dehumidifiers is the 70-pint Frigidaire (link below). The 70-pint refers to the amount of moisture it can take from an interior environment in one day. It’s capable of continuous 24-hour operation as long as it is placed near a drain and features a easy-to-use electronic controls. The white design of the Frigidaire Dehumidifier, which by the way is Energy Star Compliant, means the appliance will merge in with most interior locations without appearing out of place and too bulky.

You can buy this appliance from here: Frigidaire FAD704TDP 70-Pint Dehumidifier.

Prices from between $184.99 and $202.98