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A laundry sink makes a great addition to a variety of interiors including laundry rooms, utility rooms, basements, sheds and garages. The basic concept of the laundry sink, otherwise known as a utility sink or laundry tub is to fulfil the role of the traditional kitchen or bathroom sink but in places where sinks are not normally to be found. A free-standing double bowl laundry sink like the one in the picture is ideal for those extra chores and jobs that cannot be done in the regular kitchen sink.

This particular double bowl laundry sink is made from a very strong compression-moulded material known as Veritek. It’s specially designed so it has no surface coating and thus does away with the dangers of cracks or chips appearing and growing larger over time. It’s made to withstand everyday use and thus will sit well in spaces that often see energetic use and more wear and tear than is normally seen in a room in the home. Instead of washing particular clothing in the kitchen sink, you can soak them in one of the bowls of this laundry sink whilst at the same time washing kid’s football boots in the other.

Laundry sinks come in handy for a variety of different actions apart from washing clothing. If you have a smallish pet dog, you can wash him/her in one of the bowls and then use the other bowl to stand him/her in whilst you dry the fur. Other uses include a place to wash hands, tools, paint brushes, garden equipment and carry out various chores such as cleaning a car, bike, windows or floors. This free-standing double bowl laundry sink will be very useful in a number of possible locations.

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Can be wall-mounted or floor standing.