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Are you looking for a little humor to brighten up your bathroom? If so you might be seeking something which offers both light relief and a functional yet decorative quality. With this in mind I would like to introduce you to this delightfully helpful butler toilet tissue holder made from hand-painted resin. It’s a bathroom accessory that will bring a smile to all the family and visiting guests.

Butler-Toilet-Tissue-Holder-Pinched-NosePlaced beside the toilet, this free standing butler tissue holder will provide a close-to-hand supply of toilet paper. Beneath the top hat is a place to store a second toilet roll for when the first runs empty. This gives the benefit of being able to hide the extra roll away from the visual ambiance of the interior and keep the bathroom uncluttered.

One problem might be the height of the butler toilet tissue holder. As one can see it is placed low to the ground. However, by placing the butler on a small table, shelf or decorative box, this can be overcome. If you have children in the household or often have nieces, nephews and/or grandchildren visiting, this will make a wonderfully humorous focus for naughty little minds. Poop time will never be the same again. It’ll make a super gift for a son or daughter leaving home to go to Uni as well.

You can buy him from this place: Free Standing Butler Toilet Tissue Holder With Pinched Nose.

The poor little fellow stands at a height of 23 inches and is priced at $83.50.