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Home office space can sometimes be hard to come by especially when the room set aside as the study is often the third and smallest bedroom. With books crammed on the shelves, important papers stacked neatly on the floor and the desk filling half of the room, there remains the question, “where can I put everything?”

The Japanese designer and architect Takeshi Miyakawa has come up with a solution in the form of the Fractal 23 bureau. It consists of a multitude of various sized drawers which cater for all types of objects, files and bits and pieces you would have in a home office. The compact cube shaped design allows for ease of positioning in a corner of any type of room. When being designed, it was primarily focused on the commercial sector but  it would fit into the residential interior environment just as well. The utilizing of space the Fractal 23 provides is quite incredible.

Miyakawa was born in Tokyo in 1962 and studied Architecture at the Tokyo Science University. In 1989, he moved to New York and later founded ‘Takeshi Miyakawa Design‘.