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A good looking adjustable table lamp fulfils two important roles. The primary benefit comes from its functional quality in which it provides a clean and bright light for working purposes. The second benefit comes from the aesthetic design and this is especially the case with this beautifully contemporary Glas Adjustable Table Task Lamp from Diesel with Foscarini. A combination of two pre-eminent and widely respected world brands.

The chrome design of this modern table desk light allows the lamp to be an eye-catching accent piece during both the sunlight hours and those after dark. It’s mirror-like surface reflects the objects and decor in the room and combined with the attractive design, becomes a decorative feature in itself. During the hours of darkness when the functionality of this adjustable table task lamp comes to the fore, the warmth of light, which can be both direct and diffused, contributes a conducive atmosphere for the important matters of work.

This new design from Diesel with Foscarini incorporates a variety of features including a blown glass diffuser, an in-line switch and the all important ability to be pointed in various directions when placed on a table surface. The light can even be pointed upwards towards the ceiling when a more ambient lighting effect is desired and also looks as equally good when positioned on the floor, perhaps as a temporary lighting source for a presentation or special decorative feature such as a large vase.

It’s inevitable that a creation such as the Glas Adjustable Table Task Lamp will be a product which lasts for decades both in function and form. Whenever two greats such as Foscarini and Diesel collaborate together, one knows the results are going to be positive and this adjustable table task lamp is no exception. Stylish, retro, modern, iconic and highly functional, all in one single lighting fixture.

You can buy this contemporary lamp from here: Foscarini Diesel Home Glas Adjustable Table Task Lamp.

Price: $729