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As Winter approaches it is important to make sure each part of your home is well insulated. This is particularly vital for the roof area where a lot of heat can be lost. That’s why foam board insulation for the attic is a solution a put forward. It usually comes in a choice of three different materials which include polyisocyanurate, polystyrene and polyurethane. As well as keeping heat in, foam board insulation also protects the attic space against water vapor.

The most expensive of the aforementioned three is polystyrene yet it is also the strongest. As in many areas of home improvement, you often pay for what you get and it can be beneficial to buy the best and strongest in the first place. This leads to less complications and more money saved in the long run. The vital thing to do before you purchase foam board insulation for the attic is to do some research.

Another factor in regards to the type of foam board insulation you buy is the safety regulations involved. The attic space will have a different set of codes to the living room or basement. Codes also apply to different states so what might be fine in Maine will not be in California. One should also research these and figure out the necessary specifications. For example, the attic area in particular will require fireproof foam board insulation which are available.

The correct foam board insulation will protect your attic from heat loss, mold, the cold and even in the most extreme of cases, fire damage. Again, research online each of the three foam board materials mentioned previously and see which one will best suit your attic.