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One of the best ways to add a natural dynamism to an interior is through the use of an indoor water fountain, or in the case I will describe, a tabletop water fountain composed of stainless steel and featuring natural slate tiers. If you need a feature to go on a table or cupboard which provides both sounds and sights that one would normally find outside in nature, whether in forests or mountains, then the flowing river tabletop water fountain as seen below is a great accent feature to consider.

The riveresque table fountain features a steel pipe which allows water to trickle over slate tiles which have been selected due to their wonderful beauty. Each one is genuine and means every flowing river tabletop water fountain is unique in look and character. Live water plants provide a further natural addition to the complete fountain which is set on a stainless steel tray filled with stones. Like the slate, the stones are also carefully selected for their quality and aesthetic charm.

Perhaps you have a home office which lacks a little life and soul that can be perked up and improved with this flowing river tabletop water fountain which will also add relaxing sound to an otherwise empty atmosphere. Music is good for a while but it’s no match for working alongside the natural sounds of the wilderness such as one would sitting beside a river.

Any room in the home would benefit from a relaxing tabletop water feature such as this flowing river fountain. It can be placed on bedside tables, hall tables or coffee tables that are located in a prominent position in a living room. This will again add a natural feel to an interior whether there are other sounds such as a television or not. When everything else is silent, the flowing water of the slate tabletop fountain will increase relaxation and help wash the mind of troubles and worries. There’s also a little space here and there to add your own little stones, bits of jewelry or keepsakes which will add an extra personal element to the natural scene.

You can buy this tabletop water fountain with natural slate tiers from the following location: Flowing River Tabletop Water Fountain.

Size: 30 in long x 14 in wide x 14.5 in tall