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When searching for flower vases, one often seeks something more original than the typical porcelain or glass vases we grew up with. We want something that will rival the flowers in attraction and focus. We also seek a decorative item that will “wow” friends, family and guests. The flower vase made from aluminum wire as shown in the picture below is a great option for precisely this endeavour.


The Nuvem Wire Flower Vase is made from matte aluminum wire and has been designed by the renowned Italian design team Fratelli Campana. Confusion and pandemonium are fused with poetry and form to create an almost majestic wire flower vase that will suit almost all types of interior space. The twisted, squashed and tangled wire is a testament to the highly creative wire-working of the Alessi design factory backed Humberto and Fernando Campana brothers.

For more information and/or to buy this unique wire vase, take a look here: Nuvem Wire Flower Vase by Fratelli Campana

The cloud inspired flower vase made from wire comes in a choice of three colors, which are Gold, Blue and Anodized Aluminum.