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When you first think of men’s urinals, the rather unpleasant thought of plain white bowls or vertical surfaces come to mind lined up against a wall. That’s probably what American artist Clark Sorensen thought when decided to make a whole new type of men’s urinal in the shape of flowers. The flower-shaped urinals are part of a collection aptly titled ‘Nature’s Call’ and a trio have recently been bought by an English garden center for a total cost of £15,000 ($24,700).

flower-shaped-mens-urinals-colorfulThe people of Somerset where the garden centre is located have been impressed with the new urinals and both men and women alike have been to have a peek at the original flower urinal creations.

“When we opened in June this year we had a queue of ladies waiting outside the gents to see if they could steal a peek at the toilets.” said Simon Malley of Dobbies Garden World.

The three flower-shaped urinals are in the shape of three distinct flowers which include a hollyhock, an orchid and a daffodil. As one can see from the picture, their bright, vibrant and colorful nature are certainly different from the usual white urinals. One can also imagine any stains will be hidden in the tones of the flower petals. As for sprinkling tinklers, the bowl shaped urinals should provide an ample amount of aiming space.

“Our gentlemen customers in particular pass on their feedback to our staff on a daily basis and the gents’ loos have certainly created a real talking point in this area.” Malley continued.

Unfortunately, the women’s toilets have not been so blessed and have instead had to make do with three small poppy-shaped hand basins. Whilst these urinals are in the public sphere, it’s not a big leap to imagine them as unusual and fun bathroom fixtures for all the male family members to use in a domestic setting.

You can see more of these flower-shaped urinals on Clark Sorensen’s website which can be browsed here: