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What exactly are Flour Sack Towels? Well, they are made from tightly woven cotton and in previous centuries, they were used to hold flour. That’s where the name comes from. After the 1950’s, the surplus sacks were turned into various domestic items by housewives across the nation. These included clothing, bedding and towels. Today, flour sack towels are produced commercially and available to buy in many forms, just like the French Country Kitchen Sets pictured below.


Flour sack towels are extremely versatile. They can be used in many situations both in the kitchen and elsewhere in the home environment. Some are decorative, others perfect for good hard cleaning and polishing.

Amongst other things, you can use your flour sack towel as a duster, a baby bib, a burp cloth for burping the baby time, drying glassware, covering dough as it rises, drying fruit and vegetables, cleaning windows and mirrors, and a whole lot more!


These particular French-style flour sack towels have been designed by an artist from Oregon. The watercolor images are inspired by the natural world and will brighten up the interior of any kitchen. If you’re a Francophile, these will add a French ambiance to your kitchen interior.

You can buy these sets from the following location: French Country Kitchen Flour Sack Towel Sets

There are four designs to choose from including: La Poire (pear), Carotte (carrot), Lavande (lavender) or Myrtille (blueberry).

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