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The nosegay flower bouquet, also known as the tussie-mussie or posie bouquet, became extremely popular during the reign of Queen Victoria sometime around the late 1830s. However, they had existed for many centuries before that, most notably during medieval times where they were used to mask unpleasant smells and odors. That’s where the name “nosegay” comes from, “to keep the nose happy”. Nowadays the nosegay flower bouquet is given as a gift at ceremonies such as weddings, christenings and memorial services.

nosegay-floral-light-bouquet-table-lampThe Orten’zia Small Rechargeable Table Top Lamp is an Italian light sculpture that has been inspired by the aforementioned bouquet. It’s composed of tightly clustered and sculpted metal flowers that light up in a beautiful floral pattern when the lamp is lit. Defused lighting gives this nosegay floral light bouquet a unique and natural charm which will spread to the rest of the interior space.

ortenzia-table-top-lampThese lights can be used both inside and outside, looking equally good in large or small spaces or environments. It’s shape and grace give the feeling that the floral light bouquet has fallen from the skies or nearby trees thereby giving it a mystical elegance which enthuses into the darkness.

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