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An oil and vinegar cruet set is a vital addition to one’s kitchenware if good food and dining is of importance. This is especially the case if, like me, you are fond of Italian cooking. That’s why when I came across these two floral ceramic oil and vinegar bottles made in Tuscany, I felt impelled to write about them. For a kitchen needing color, elegance and Mediterranean style, this pair will be perfect.

Floral Ceramic Oil and Vinegar Bottle CruetI first came into contact with true Italian cooking when I lived in Berlin a few years back. My neighbor and good friend was an American who co-owned a Balsamic Vinegar vineyard in central Italy. Each week I would join him in his kitchen where he would cook up a treat for his family and friends. Oils and vinegars were an important aspect of his cooking and I was lucky enough to sample some of the delights he had brought back with him from his regular trips south across the Alps.

I’m not sure what he would have made of this floral ceramic oil and vinegar cruet set but I certainly think they will make a delightful addition to any kitchen. As one will note, each bottle has the Italian for oil and vinegar painted onto the surface; ‘Aceto’ for vinegar and ‘Olio’ for oil. The beautiful floral pattern with is hand painted and reminds one immediately of the Mediterranean world’s style, ripeness and ambiance. Elegance, so typical of Latin designs, is shown in the shape of the oil and vinegar bottles.

This cruet set is made in Italy and can be purchased from this location: Floral Ceramic Oil and Vinegar Bottle Cruet Set.

Price: $220