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Millions of Americans suffer in some form or another from muscle and joint problems which make getting out of an armchair or bed, a lot more difficult than would normally be the case. However, the process of sitting down and standing up need not be a daily uphill battle. A floor to ceiling security pole and grab bar for the home interior will be a highly effective and helpful answer to straining legs, backs and arms. It will also make day-to-day activities a whole lot easier.

So what does this pole and grab bar do? The apparatus is an easy-to-install framework which fits between the floor and ceiling of any room in the home. It’s designed to offer a secure and steady frame with which to lift oneself off a chair, sofa or bed and vice-versa. A pivoting curve grab bar with hand grips allows the user to rise in the most efficient possible way.

Rubber pads on both ends of the pole provide protection for the floor and ceiling, regardless of what material either are made from. An included wrench allows the user to adjust the pole’s length so as to fit any ceiling height between 7 and 10 ft. There are a variety of positions at which the swivel grab bar can be placed, depending on the height of the person and that of the seating furniture or bed. The zinc plated steel is coated with a durable powder finish which protects it from rust.

Security Pole and Grab Bar – $179.95
Retail Price: $189.95
You Save: $10.00
from: The Wright Stuff Home Health Care Products.

For a household with an elderly occupant who finds it a tough task to rise from a seated position, the floor to ceiling security pole will soon become an invaluable piece of home equipment.