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One of the biggest dangers during a storm is that of falling branches and trees. Countless lives have been lost across the country because of this and it’s indeed sensible to avoid being in the vicinity of trees during very heavy winds. However, there’s also a more positive and artistically beneficial side to branches felled during a storm. An example of this are the beautiful floor lamps made from storm-fallen branches by the artist and designer Megan Finkel.

Over the last seven years, Finkel has ventured out and collected felled branches from riverbanks, beaches, forests and other similar rural areas. After hauling them home she transforms the bedraggled branches into lamp sculptures like the one pictured. First she strips the bark, then sands the wood before finally adding a layer of oil-based paint for a colorful effect. A light bulb is then attached, followed by a lampshade which completes the process.

If there’s one lesson to be learnt from this environmentally friendly creativity it is that anything can be turned into something else with relatively little cost or indeed difficulty. All that’s needed is a little ingenuity and imagination. In the same way that driftwood found on a beach can be turned into a sculpture for the mantel or coffee table, so can fallen branches, twigs and even thrown-away metal scrap.

Megan Finkel’s storm-fallen branch lamps are available to buy from the TOUCH Concept Store based in New York. Visit their website to find out more information.

Via: Treehugger.