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Floor cushions, as their name suggests, are cushions that can be placed on the floor for a variety of uses. Mostly, the larger varieties of floor cushions are used for recreational activities such as when lying on the floor playing computer games or watching television. Many can also be used as seating and foot rests, in a similar fashion to the classical fabric pouffe. The latter are in fact the most typical type of cushion for the floor one will find and can be matched with a host of armchairs and sofas.

The cushions can also be custom made in a particular fabric, style, color and size in order to match existing furniture. For example, on can order brown leather floor cushions to match brown leather sofas. Alternatively, cushions that match your favorite curtains can be obtained which will create a beautiful matching arrangement in your most used interior space. Repetition of designs and colors is the primary way to create understated order and synchronicity in a room.

Floor cushions are also a good way to add an informal air to a space. This can be particularly helpful in a home office or library where rigid shelving and tables can make the atmosphere a little glum. A few decorative floor cushions placed in select areas can soften and indeed, enliven, an interior.

There are many different types of floor cushion depending on your needs and requirements. Cushions that are used for seating around a coffee table will be more sturdier and floor cushions designed to be purely decorative and aesthetic. The material and size will be dependent on these factors. It’s also relatively easy to make your own using left-over fabrics and filling that can be purchased from your local department store or online. For households with children, floor cushions are an extremely popular choice.

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