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If you’re looking for unique bookends that will wow your friends and family, then you will be hard pressed to find a better design than these floating red arrow magnetic bookends. They seemingly defy gravity and inject color wherever they are situated. This means they are ideal for a contemporary home library, study, bedroom or living room where books are an important feature to the overall interior decor scheme.

The contemporary red arrow bookends are composed of a magnetic bar which slips behind the cover of the outer-most book. The floating red arrow section is thus held in place with magnets, giving the impression of a bookend that’s hovering in mid-air. The bar which slips between the covers is what basically holds the line of books in place and is as strong and sturdy as any regular bookend.

Your guests will be left wondering how on earth your books stay in place. In this, they are both decorative, functional and also a bit of a brain-teaser. Once you explain the science behind the floating magnetic bookends, your friends will be wanting a pair too. The red arrows will compliment most book designs and will sit well on any type of bookshelf.

You can buy these novelty bookends from here: Signal Magnetic Bookends Set Of 2.

Price: $38