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Champagne has long had a connection with luxury and power. It first gained fame when it was used in the anointment of French kings and thus spread worldwide as a drink of sophistication and high standing. Champagne glasses are also an important factor in the drinking of champagne, with special glasses made for precisely this purpose. However, the floating champagne glasses-within-glass as shown in the double walled design below takes the image of a champagne class to a whole new level.

double-walled-champagne-glasses-floatingIt’s unlikely that the first wine makers of the Champagne region of north-east France could have foreseen how the evolution of the champagne glass would progress. They certainly would have dreamt up this rather surreal and unique champagne glass design which gives the impression of champagne floating in space. If you’re looking to add a contemporary and dare I say, futuristic feel, to your home bar and dinner table then these floating champagne glasses-within glass will do the trick.

Traditional champagne glasses have been shaped especially for the task of holding champagne rather than any other drink. The tulip-like shape of champagne glasses enhances the robe of the much loved sparkling wine as well as favoring the ascension of the bead. Not only this but the champagne glass shape aids in the prevention of the champagne’s bouquet from vanishing too quickly.

Despite the modern form of these floating champagne glasses with a double walled design, they keep to the traditional values of champagne glass making. The shapes lend themselves to the preservation of the all important fizzy bubbles that are a vital part of the enjoyment of champagne. So worry not, if you have a wine connoisseur in the family or as a guest, you can still serve him or her with these wonderfully unique floating champagne glasses without any detrimental effect.

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