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Sometimes a clock just needs a little something else and this is certainly the case with this highly decorative fleur de lis wall clock with a floral metal frame. Once placed on a wall in your home, that surface area will never be the same again and will look empty and bland if the clock is removed. Beauty and resplendence are inherent in this decoratively framed piece which points to the order in chaos that is found in the wildness of the natural world.

The fleur-de-lis, which can be translated as ‘lily flower’ in French, is a well known decorative symbol that can be found in interior décor, architecture and art works worldwide. This is especially true in the historic designs of heraldry during the European battles and wars of yesteryear. The fleur-de-lis which makes up the pattern work of this floral wall clock is part of this long and rich history that is often thought to date all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia.

Beautifully decorative framed wall clocks like this one are ideal additions to interiors which need a permanent and strong focal point to a particular wall and room. This striking fleur-de-lis clock is made from iron and features a round tan clock face with a classical look. Arabic numbers mark each of the 12 hours whilst simple yet graceful fingers point to the time of day. This wall clock is perfect for a room which needs some expressive décor which is also functional.

You can buy this clock from here: Infinity Instruments Fleur de Lis Wall Clock.

Price: $58.75