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It’s rare to describe a fireplace or heating source as cool but that’s exactly what this flame ambient fireplace is. The innovative design allows for its addition to a home interior without the need for gas lines or a chimney. Another great attribute to this fireplace is its ease of instalment. Like a picture, it can be attached to any type of drywall/stud, brick or stone wall with little fuss. It’s odorless and smokeless.

wall-mounted-flame-ambient-fireplace-coolThe stainless steel modern fireplace is also environmentally friendly. It burns using bio-ethanol fuel, with 1 litre lasting for between three and five hours. You can get this type of fuel from most local hardware stores.

This sleek and stylish fireplace is perfect for a living room space but would also suit a dining room, home study, bedroom or home gym. It’s great for an interior that has no pre-existing chimney or gas lines as well as for rooms which would find it tricky to add large fireplaces and surrounds.

flame-ambient-wall-mounted-fireplace-stainless-steelPrice: $1,598

It’s a piece of decorative art as well as a functional heating accessory. For more details, pictures and dimensions visit: Flame Ambient Fireplace.