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If you’re looking for a modern pendant ceiling lighting fixture for a newly designed room, you might like the lamp I’ve found that’s pictured below. It has a rather strawberry-esque look to its shape and coloring when lit which I find particularly appealing. The Firefly Pendant Lamp is an ideal lamp for a room needing a burst of colorful warmth especially in the Autumn and Winter months.

red-firefly-glass-blown-ceiling-pendant-lightThe Oggetti Firefly Small Pendant actually comes in more colors than just red. Each lamp shade comes in one main color and also a smaller color which shines through the slits. For example, the red lamp above throws out white light whilst a black version as seen below, shines forth both red and white light when lit. There’s also a honey and white, mocha and white and a white and clear selection to choose from.

black-Pendant-Ceiling-LightingThe reasons for the color combinations rests in the make-up of the pendant lamp structure. Firstly, the glass is cast into multiple thin layers before being ground into various patterns. This reveals inner colors and creates accents on the shade. The glass itself is hand-blown in the European nation of Slovenia.

These ceiling lamps are ideal lighting fixtures for rooms that need a contemporary décor addition. Depending on the color, the lights will enthuse into the room, reflecting onto the walls and adding a tonal lighting ambiance second to none. Given the rather fruity feel to these lamps, you might think about adding them especially to a kitchen or dining room setting.

You can buy one of these lights from here: The Firefly Pendant Lamp.

Glass: Diameter 5.5 In., Height 5.5 In.