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Art work is an important aspect of any home interior decoration. What you put on your walls can make or break a living space. We’ve all been into a room where someone has put a large ghastly painting above the fireplace and have inwardly cringed, hoping not to let the poor owner see our disgust. There was even a whole episode of the sitcom Frasier dedicated to the perils of a painting in the wrong environment.

However, the work of Flora S. Bowley certainly doesn’t come into this catagory. Her paintings are extremely beautiful and eye catching pieces that would gleefully be accepted into most home interior spaces. Vibrancy of colour and a cheeky unpredictability are hallmarks of this young and emerging artist from Portland in the American state of Oregon.

Bowley’s expressive creativity has won her much admiration and her work can be seen in various galleries and exhibitions across the United States. Inspiration for these wonderfully delicious paintings is gathered from her surroundings in the beautiful scenery of the Northwest as well as the things she has seen on her travels across the globe.

Here are a few examples of her work. I encourage my readers to visit her website and read more about her as well as view the rest of her marvellous portfolio. Most, if not all of her paintings will make sublime additions to your home interior.

acrylic-flower-painting-by-flora-bowleyHome Inside

acrylic-bird-painting-by-flora-bowleyTwo hearts


sky-prints-birds-by-flora-bowleySky Prints

Visit: The website of Flora S. Bowley