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Sculptural wall mirrors are a wonderful way to add an extra dimension to a room. Mirrors in general make a room look larger as well as contributing to the spread and reflection of light. A decorative sculptural wall mirror therefore such as this fiery sun wall mirror made from two types of wood is an accessory that will add a third benefit, that of artistic decor. This type of mirror will compliment a variety of existing interior design schemes.

The fiery sun wall mirror is made from an interesting combination of Indonesian lauan wood and Russian birch wood. These have been carved, sanded and laminated to reveal their natural beauty that’s hidden within. The sun wall mirror has been hand crafted which adds a personal touch to what will be an eye-catching wall feature. If you have a room design theme that perhaps hints at the Medieval style, then this sun mirror is a must.

I have similar wall accessories to this fiery sun wall mirror sculpted from wood. They go particularly well with old-world styles and Bohemian interiors. If you like to burn candles then this sun wall mirror will catch the light from the flames and double the beautiful effect of candlelight in a semi-dark room. The semi-gloss finish of the wooden sun’s rays will also be a positive factor in this. It’s a beautiful piece and will fir into most rooms of the home including the living room, hallway, bedroom and even the bathroom.

You can buy this wooden wall mirror from this location: Fiery Sun Wall Mirror Sculpted From Wood.

Size : 26.0″ tall x 26.0″ wide