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Wall canvas art can add another dimension of design to any interior in the home. They are not to be confused with the traditional framed art work we are used to. Stretched wall canvas prints come in a variety of sizes from miniature to huge, often covering a whole wall. When you need a solid, large and themed wall decoration, that will enhance the ambiance of a room, then a large wall decor canvas is the perfect solution.

green-field-grass-wall-canvasThe green field grass in moss stretched wall canvas as seen in the image above is one of my favorite examples of this type of wall decor. It’s made from 100% sustainable recycled polyester which is ideal if you’re searching for an environmentally friendly product. This eco-friendly theme is carried through to the inks that have been used. No chemical waste or disposal is generated from the creation of these wall canvas prints in any way. As well as this, any paper waste is used as packing material. The green field grass in moss canvas print is also perfectly recyclable once its life-cycle has come to an end.

The green field grass canvas print has been hand printed and handmade in the USA and will fit many types of interior. In my personal experience, such canvas wall décor is particularly suited to the bedroom environment where upon waking you are introduced to a natural and gently uplifting visual. Any room where relaxation is required, such as a prayer room, study or living room will make a great setting for this grass wall canvas.

It’s available to buy from here: Field Grass in Moss Stretched Wall Canvas.