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The tree of life is ever growing and from one generation to the next its branches increase in width and length. This is the basic philosophy behind this beautiful metal tree sculpture which doubles as a family photo frame holder. Within the four picture frames can be placed photographs of your family and loved ones where they will be seen by all who enter into the room in which it is situated. The smiling faces of relatives together with the attractive framework of the tree make it a great decorative accessory for any room.

A tree of life is symbolic in a wide range of religions, cultures and societies, and is even mentioned in the Bible, most notably in the Books of Genesis and Revelation. In the Book of Proverbs the tree of life is associated with wisdom whilst in the Book of Enoch, it states that in the time of the great judgment God will give all those whose names are in the Book of Life fruit to eat from the Tree of Life. The tree can also be seen in the cultures of Ancient Egypt, Assyria, China, Western Europe, India, Turkey, South America, Japan, Ancient Greece and even amongst the Native American Iroquois.

Whatever your cultural background and whatever religion you ascribe to, a tree of life philosophy will likely be a part of your heritage, whether distant or near. This beautifully intricate tree of life photo frame sculpture will add decorative appeal to a bedroom, living room or dining room interior and will, in particular make a great gift idea for parents or grandparents. Fill each of the four picture frames with a photo of a relative or loved one and watch the ambiance of the interior lighten and become more cheerful. There’s no better decorative accent that a room can have than that of an image of a loved relative or spouse.

You can buy this free-standing sculpture from here: Family Photo Frames Within a Standing Metal Tree Sculpture

Holds 1.5 x 2.5 (2 x 3) photos.