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It’s often said, we are what we eat but have you ever considered you are also what you write on Facebook or Twitter? This is the basic concept behind the ingenious social media portrait which you can place on your wall. All your Facebook or Twitter messages you’ve posted over the last few weeks, months or years can suddenly become an intimate part of your home interior décor whilst forming the basic shape of your face. You can see an example below.

The group behind the creative social media portraits is a Dutch company called Art Buzz Amsterdam based in their native country of Holland. The customer visits their website where they upload an image they want turned into a piece of wall art and then sign-in to their Facebook or Twitter account to gain the statuses and tweets that will form the design and look of the portrait. The process is very simple and is explained in more detail on the website.

It doesn’t matter what type of face you have, what expression you show nor even whether you show your face at all. A photo of you walking in a scenic environment or of your beloved pet cat, dog or budgie can be turned into a Twitter or Facebook work of art for your walls. There is a selection of color choices as well as size options so as to find the perfect design for your décor scheme. Place the finished result in a contemporary bedroom or living room setting and impress your friends and guests with both your fabulously unique portrait and your previous statuses and tweets.

Read more about it all on their website found here: Art Buzz Amsterdam.

Via: Freshome.