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I always used to pride myself on my long distance vision during my childhood and teenage years. So when I got my eyes tested in my mid-20s and found I needed glasses, it came as rather a shock. The eye-test chart tea towel as seen below reminded me of the tests I had taken and how the smaller numerals at the bottom were but a fuzzy blur. Too much computer work and Frasier re-runs had taken their toll.

eye-test-chart-tea-towelThe tea towel is made of pure 100% cotton and comes rolled-up in its own little card tube. If you know of an optician who has a birthday coming up, then this might well make the perfect kitchen gift. On the other hand, if you have recently converted to glasses or contact lenses, you can lighten up the occasion with a humorous reminder hanging on the kitchen wall. You can wash the dishes and test your eyes, all at the same time!

You can buy this teat towel here: Eye Test Chart Tea Towel.

H/T: Fresh Design Blog.