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Bean bag furniture is all the rage and this extra large silver bean bag chair is one of the reasons this glamorous and fun seating accessory is growing in popularity. Have you ever wanted just to collapse into a giant bean bag and feel the body gently clasp around the shape of your body? Comfort is inescapable and the luxurious silver color of this Mètahlowski Silvi Bean Bag creates an ambiance of decadence and luxuriousness in whichever setting it is located.

The extra large silver bean bag chair as seen in the image above can be placed in a variety of interiors including a basement games-room, a teenager’s bedroom, the living room or even out into the yard during the warm and dry months of the year. It can even be taken on vacation and used as an impromptu seating furniture piece that will garner envious eyes from the locals.

Designed to form into a comfortable seat, the giant silver bean bag is filled with polystyrene beads and covered with very high quality Italian fabric. The shiny metallic bean bag is the creation of Finnish designer Jukka Setala who designed the seating piece to adjust for varying uses including lying flat for naps and upright for seating. One this extra large bean bag chair, one can comfortably watch television for extended periods of time as well as read a book, play computer games or boardgames, meditate or chat with friends.

There are also three other colors available so if you have more than one occupant in a household you can purchase a Mètahlowski bean bag in a different hue for each person and make a set.

You can find more information as well as purchasing details from here: Extra Large Silver Bean Bag Chair.

Price: $399 (cheapest price I’ve found online)