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Man’s best friend is deserving of the title and this should carry through to the type of pet furniture you buy for your dog. This extra large luxury dog bed is a furniture piece to consider if you own a big dog who likes his or her creature comforts. If you have expensive upholstery as part of your sofa and armchairs, then it’s likely you’ll be wanting all pets to remain on the floor. This decorative wrought iron dog bed provides an answer to your dog’s mournful eyes.

The extra large luxury dog bed has an attractive look and will fit securely into most interior settings and compliment a wide array of décor schemes. For a home with mainly wooden or stone flooring plus expensive furniture, a comfortable dog bed is very important and provides your dog a place to find comfort. The beautifully crafted dog bed which is in a similar style to a human wrought iron framed bed is strong and sturdy, meaning it will be suitable for most breeds of dog.

In fact, like with a lot of pet furniture, the extra large luxury dog bed can also be used for cats. When I first saw the pictures of this decorative iron pet bed, I imagined a couple of cats stretched out together purring to their heart’s content. If you have a family of pets consisting of dogs and cats that get on very well together, then this extra large luxury pet bed will become a focal point for a lot of oohing and arring.

This extra large luxury dog bed will snugly fit into a corner of a room, whether this be a bedroom, living room or utility room. Due to its decorative wrought iron design which is appealing to the eyes, the dog bed is best suited, more than any other, to be located in a more prominent position where it will act as a decorative furniture piece all in itself.

By the way, the pillow is included.