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If you’re searching for a gift idea for a cookery friend of yours then you might like this chef kitchen wall clock as seen below. A clock is one of the most important accessories in a chef’s arsenal of tools, perhaps even more so than some of the more obvious utensils and gadgets. However, most wall clocks are rather mundane to say the least, especially if you’re looking to inject a little brightness and character into a kitchen interior.

chef-wall-clockThis very expressive chef kitchen clock is certainly a wall accessory that will provide some light relief to the energy and dare I say, perils, of regular family cooking. The chef clock is made from hand cut wood and includes a swinging pendulum tongue inside the mouth area. As you probably have first hand experience of, the family chef in the midst of creating that 5 star meal can be partial to an odd shout or three.

Whether as a gift or for your own kitchen, this chef wall clock will provide a humorous and visually appealing accent to your wall. It will certainly provide some amusement for friends and guests who arrive for meals. As clocks go, this is definitely on the fun, arty and expressive end of the spectrum.

You can find this clock at the following location: Chef Kitchen Clock

Price: $116