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Umberto Asnago is an Italian furniture designer with decades of experience. Born in 1949 in Miland, Asnago began work at the renowned Giorgetti S.p.A. in 1968. A few years later, he took full control of the design center based in the Italian city of Meda which was originally founded in 1898. The Giorgetti design firm cater for a heterogeneous and cosmopolitan client√®le and this can be seen with Umberto Asnago’s Expo Bookcase below.

The Expo Bookcase is a composition of shelves that mostly hang from higher levels within the metal framework of the bookcase. Some shelves are smaller than others whilst others have longer narrow columns holding the shelf to the attachment above. The Expo Bookcase can certainly be described as contemporary and its metal structure insure longevity and strength. It looks ideal for a modern room where abstract sculpture, books, picture frames and perhaps pottery can be placed.

You can buy the Expo Bookcase from this online store based in New York: Expo Bookcase by Umberto Asnago.

H/T: Design Milk.