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When you hear of an exploding wall clock, you probably think of a badly made and cheap device that has decided to end its days by causing the wall and perhaps the whole house, a lot of damage. Who’d want one of those except perhaps for trainee fire fighters? Exactly and I am not presenting one of these duds. Instead, in the picture below you’ll see an exciting but extremely safe and visually pleasing exploding wall clock designed by the renowned Campana Brothers.

exploding-wall-clockThe utopian exploding wall clock is made from chrome-plated steel and gives the effect of time exploding in various directions as the passing minutes tick away. Chaos is merged with perfect time keeping symmetry to form a philosophical conundrum. Seconds pass into hours and hours pass into days yet the explosion remains, like a star bursting with vibrancy and energy, caught in the frame of history.

You can buy this visually stunning exploding wall clock from Alessi by browsing through to the following location: Blow Up Clock by Alessi

If you need to add some movement and dynamism to a kitchen or bedroom wall, then this contemporary steel wall clock will provide what you’re looking for. There’s no need to worry about placing a fire extinguisher underneath it either.