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Regular readers of Home Interior Design Themes will remember last August when I wrote about the Moravian Star Pendant which is attached as a ceiling lighting fixture. As I mentioned then, the Moravian star is a traditionally popular symbol across Germany and parts of Eastern Europe as well as to some extent, the United States. It’s said that if the Moravian star in some form or another is placed or hung in a room, then the household will be protected from harm and bring the family good luck.

The following assortment of pictures show how the Moravian Star pendant light fits into many types of interior. Due to the geometric shapes of the star as well as the cloud white art glass material they are made from, the lighting fixture is both visually attractive when the bulb is on or off.

Notice how the light from the Moravian star pendant lamp compliments colorful interiors such as this one.

You can read more about the Moravian Star from my earlier post which is linked to at the beginning of this post.

All images in this post were found via Style Carrot.