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I brought a very similar version of this bookcase on wheels a couple of years ago and it has been a wonderful addition to my living room. Few bookcases are more perfect than this Eurostyle Sage Bookcase for the job of displaying small sculptures, books, photographs and even flowers. It can be used either as a regular bookshelf is against a wall or even in the center of a large room, kind of like a room divider.

I personally use it in a similar way to a regular bookshelf and it works wonders. On three of the twelve enclosed shelves I have placed books. A couple of others provide absolutely delightful little cat bed frames with a small cushion inside so the cat can leap up and sleep there during the day or night. On the other shelves I’ve placed various small artistic ornaments and keep-sakes as well as a number of stand-alone picture frames.

On the top of this bookcase on wheels with 12 enclosed shelves, I have a large basket filled with dried branches which reach right up to the ceiling (which is high). You can fill your enclosed spaces with similar things. All in all, you can present a beautiful array of color, shapes, accessories and important memories all in one place where the whole family can admire them.

If you get tired of it being in one location, then you can just move the bookcase on wheels by simply pushing it gently to another area of the room or house. The backless sections of the enclosed shelves means you can place table lamps or accent lights very easily onto one or more shelves thereby providing a beautiful ambient setting during the evening and night.

You can buy this impressive bookcase from the following location: Eurostyle Sage Bookcase on Wheels With 12 Enclosed Shelves.

Price: $700