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One of the most interactive and expressive lighting fixtures I’ve come across is the ETree electroluminescent floor lamp. The peculiar lamp is made from a series of ten luminous strands or branches, each of which is highly flexible and adjustable. The ETree is designed for both domestic and business settings, especially interiors that need an injection of contemporary style and eye-catching features.

The lighting fixture can be placed in a room and shaped so as to adapt to its surroundings. A luminous strand can be made to follow the contours of an armchair whilst another can be attached to a wall rather like ivy. They can of course then be moved at any time and with ease to create new luminous shapes and structures as one’s whims desire. You can see the electroluminescent lamp in action here: ETree floor lamp.

You can read more about this lamp as well as view purchasing details from this website: Nimble Critters.

H/T: Technabob.