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Indoor heaters are usually mundane and ugly electric contraptions that do little to enhance a home interior. They are great for adding some localised heat to a room but it’s often a case of hiding it away when guests come visiting. That’s why this wonderfully attractive Piet indoor stove caught my eye recently. Its designed by Swedish designer Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius and focuses on both high functionality and aesthetic quality.

piet-stoveAs indoor heaters go, the Piet indoor stove beats any I’ve seen before, at least in look. The stove has a brass reflector and burns not wood but ethanol fuel. This means there is no soot or smoke thereby eliminating the need for ventilation in the form of a chimney. Owing to rock wool fire insulation between the brass reflector and the white ceramic shell, the Piet stove can be placed next to walls or furniture.

ethanol-burning-indoor-stoveAs one can see from the pictures, the Piet stove is small enough to be like a portable indoor heater, in that it can be moved from room to room without much difficulty. Its attractive elliptic shape means it can be placed in a wide variety of interiors such and will compliment many different styles of decor.

elliptic-indoor-stoveH/T: Home Tone.