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Will cardboard furniture one day be more popular than wooden furniture? That is the interesting scenario being discussed inside the interior design world. With cardboard being  more environmentally friendly than its wooden counterparts there could come a time when even governments will take notice of the material’s benefits. As the recession hits hard, cardboard furniture is also seen as the much cheaper alternative.

Cardboard furniture is not a completely new idea. The architect Frank Gehry in the early 1970s designed numerous chairs and tables made out of layered corrugated cardboard. The series was known as “Easy Edges” and lead to his increasing popularity in the eco-friendly devoted art world.

Did you know, that in Hong Kong they use cardboard to build coffins?

Just over two years ago, Cardboard Design opened its doors. The store specialises in creating die-cut shapes made from honeycomb cardboard that ship in a flat box and are assembled like puzzle pieces. They don’t even use a single screw or any toxic glues.

cardboard-wiggle-chair“The misconception about cardboard furniture is that it’s always going to be cheap,” said President and Creative Director Cathy Henszey. “The idea that you’re using something that’s been used before is what it’s all about.”

Many designers and activists, especially in Europe, would like to spread the design of cardboard furniture to the developing world, which could benefit highly from the inexpensive material.