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A contemporary home needs a stylish hallway in which to meet and greet visiting friends and guests. This “At Sign” (@) entry hook for keys, coats, scarves, bags and hats is an ideal wall fixture for an entryway of a home which has a decidedly technological and computer themed décor arrangement or style. It’s also the perfect gift to give someone you know who either works online for a living or who devotes much of their spare time to endeavours on the World Wide Web.

The “At Sign” (@) is most recognised now as the symbol which is incorporated into all email addresses and symbolises the word “at”. Also known by the names ampersat, apetail, arroba, atmark, and acosta, the symbol did in fact pre-date the internet age and was, and still is, the abbreviation of the accounting and commercial invoice term “at the rate of”. When the “@” first came into being is much debated with some historians suggesting it comes from Medieval monks whilst others believe it was introduced by merchants from the Italian Renaissance.

Whatever the origins, the “At Sign” is now one of the most recognised symbols in the world. This entry hook is made from die-cast aluminum and features a circular enclosure in which to place keys and other small objects you like to keep close at hand when exiting the home. The long curving hook of the “@” allows for a couple of items to be hung, either at the bottom or over the top, depending on the object. The hook is simple yet bold and captures the fascination and omnipresence of the internet world in all our lives, whether we like it or not. For most people, it’s a fun distraction and handy resource in our day-to-day lives.

You can buy it here: At Sign Hook for a Hallway Wall.

Price $38