A popular furniture item for the bedroom is an end-of-the-bed storage bench. It’s a multifunctional addition to a sleeping room and can act as a storage chest as well as a comfortable indoor bench for relaxing moments of contemplation or reading. A bench at the end of the bed offers a tidy decorative completion to a bedroom décor arrangement and fulfils both a functional and an aesthetic role.

This particular dark brown storage bench can be situated at the end of a bed in one of your bedrooms or alternatively it can be placed in just about any location in the home you so desire. Some people have even bought one for their dog to sit on and admire scenic views from their window. In a bedroom environment you can place scarves, clothing, bed linens and even books inside this bench whilst when you have time you can use the bench as a reading seat or a place to sit when putting on shoes.

You can buy it from here: Brookings Bedroom Bench with Storage.

Dimensions: 19″ H x 41.5″ W x 17.5″ D.